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Strategic Vision

With the development of economy and society, people put forward higher requirements for bamboo products. From simple bamboo handicraft products, bamboo materials to bamboo furniture, bamboo products are developing in the direction of higher integration and more complex structure. In the future, relying on its own industrial and sales advantages, the company will extend the industrial chain, establish regional factories, and promote the leapfrog development of headquarters economy. At the same time, on the basis of existing resources, with the utilization and deep development of bamboo as the development focus, we will develop bamboo fibers, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, bamboo processing machinery and other projects to achieve high-value application of resources. Focusing on "bamboo wins wood", we should strengthen independent innovation, strengthen brand operation, expand market share, integrate existing household production resources, introduce advanced cloud design technology and automated robotic production equipment, achieve truly smooth personalized customization and intelligent management and services, and actively promote the globalization, capitalization and information intelligent construction of the company. From basic industry to technology R&D, enter the market and expand the whole industry chain.