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Corporate Culture

Deep in the bamboo forest, there are homes, bridges, winding paths, wash away the dust heart, listen to bamboo charm.

The sun and the moon are easy, Yin and Yang alternate, simplify the complexity, derive all things, and produce endless.

A philosophical attitude of harmony between heaven and man, inheriting and developing Chinese bamboo culture and pursuing perfection without ceasing, is the enterprise culture adhered to by a generation of scholar-bureaucrats.

The company regards learning culture as the core of corporate culture and the source of creativity and competitiveness. Adhering to the organic combination of "soft environment" and "hard system", giving full play to the role of corporate culture adhesives, enhancing the cohesion and centripetal force of enterprises, making employees have a strong sense of belonging to enterprises, radiating a high sense of ownership responsibility, and playing a positive and lasting competitive role in various business activities of enterprises. Companies adhere to the "people-oriented, harmonious development" policy, through enterprise management to achieve the excavation of corporate cultural strength, starting from caring for employees, understanding employees, trusting employees, take effective measures to actively motivate employees, help employees grow, so that employees can truly have a sense of responsibility of "ownership", so that it can have a sense of mission with the enterprise to breathe, share destiny, and let all. Employees integrated into the enterprise, established a common pursuit, common values, common goals, and interests of coexistence and co-prosperity ties, and enhanced the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise.

Bamboo is a special gift given by nature to human beings. Continuous innovation, enterprising "scholar" adhering to the mission of "advocating natural creation of bamboo beautiful life" as the development of household industry, using modern information, intelligent manufacturing to transform traditional industries, showing the vitality and vitality of bamboo processing industry.

From the cultural connotation and spiritual core of bamboo, we should pay more attention to health and environmental protection. It is a combination of Western Aesthetics and Eastern culture. It not only endows the traditional charm of products, but also keeps fashion taste. From small bamboo chopsticks to exquisite bamboo furniture, inherit and develop Chinese bamboo culture, abandon the pursuit of perfection, as always follow the "quality-based, honest and trustworthy" business philosophy.

"When unearthed, there will be festivity first, and when Lingyun is still modest." This is the character of bamboo, as well as the style pursued by Shilin. Shilin company's corporate culture: green bamboo evergreen, its lively life, contains the natural law of the universe; stiff and upright, its tough character, is the "Shilin people" in life and career to pursue and explore the direction.

In many years of development practice, the company always regards corporate culture as the support point of development, closely around the development of enterprises, and gradually constructs a unique value system in the aspects of enterprise management, enterprise spirit, human environment and so on. Continuously tapping corporate culture, upgrading product culture taste, injecting new vitality into the enterprise, creating a good atmosphere that encourages innovation, full competition and is conducive to the development of the enterprise. Shilin will become the first-class brand of bamboo furniture in China and the world at an early date, and create greater wealth for the society.

We firmly believe that only with your support can I grow up!