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Manufacturing Service

At present, the company has advanced robotic intelligent processing equipment, automatic production line and woodworking CNC machine tools, laser engraving and other processing equipment, with an annual production capacity of 6 million bamboo products, can provide customers with OEM manufacturing services from accepting orders, raw materials acquisition, production and manufacturing, quality monitoring, packaging and shipment. We have received more comprehensive, timely and thoughtful service.

In the process of development, the company positively bases itself on local resources, strives to do well in bamboo deep-processing articles, fully realizes the goal of comprehensive development and multi-use of bamboo. It is an enterprise with the ability of global business expansion. At the same time, we have a strong team of design and research, focusing on the research and development of bamboo's efficient use and wide application in domestic life, which has played a demonstration leading role in the renewal and replacement of bamboo products industry. We have realized the diversification and serialization of bamboo products from traditional products, promoted industrial upgrading, and established "research and development" for better development of bamboo resources and improvement of bamboo's utilization rate. In order to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the technological level and market competitiveness of the company, the company has made great efforts to build an independent technological innovation system, followed closely the international advanced technology level, and carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation with international bamboo and rattan organizations, Royal Italian Design Institute and other relevant scientific research institutes. From acquisition of bamboo to rough processing to intensive processing, from basic industries to technology research and development, to market expansion, to build a smooth, stable and complete industrial chain, and to promote the construction of a "resource-saving" and "environment-friendly" society, has gradually become an "internal strength, external vitality" entity.